LOS ANGELES  - Gigi Hadid is the face of Versace’s Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign, which depicts ‘’unity, love and togetherness’’.

The 22-year-old model has been selected by 62-year-old fashion designer Donatella Versace to appear in the brands upcoming commercial alongside Mica Arganaraz and Taylor Hill, which was captured by photographer Bruce Webster.

And the Italian creative mastermind was keen to depict ‘’unity, love and togetherness’’ in the advert.

Speaking about her vision for her latest project, Donatella said: ‘’The message of this campaign is clear and direct. It is about the unity, love and togetherness that we all need, no matter who we are or where we come from.’’

Bruce has admitted him and Donatella wanted the designer campaign to have a strong message behind it and to ‘’stand up for something’’.

He explained: ‘’After talking to Donatella about what’s happening around the world today, we wanted to do photographs of people standing up for something - some cause that would help other people. So the campaign for us was about a protest for peace and the connection we all need to have for each other.’’

Images from the campaign have been shared on Versace’s official Instagram page, which sees Gigi - who is currently dating singer Zayn Malik - cosying up with three fellow models, as she adorns a black coat, a sheer mesh skirt, whilst her golden tresses are infused with red hair dye on the ends.

The post credits the ‘’female talents’’ as well as the ‘’male talents’’ who contributed to the creative process.