Islamabad - Islamabad police have launched online registration of tenants and property owners through a web-based system in order to facilitate the citizens.

The residents of the capital have been asked to use the hassle-free registration system after the issuance of government orders to make it compulsory for the tenants and property owners to register themselves with their respective police stations.

 Keeping in view, the police high-ups directed the concerned quarters to develop a technology-driven monitoring system so that public can register themselves voluntarily with the police in a simpler and trouble-free manner.

According to the police, the rare IT initiative has been made a permanent feature of the security process as it will be of immense utility to keep an eye on the movement and activities of the suspects and ensure the security of the citizens. The Islamabad IGP said that people would be facilitated through the modern technology.

He said Islamabad police would be made more alert through the introduction of the security-supervised tool and its efficiency towards security matters will definitely improve.

The citizens can approach the registration system through

Meanwhile, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Islamabad police has recovered a ransom amount of Rs10 million after the safe recovery of an abducted person, a police spokesperson said.

He said that some unidentified kidnappers abducted Said Akbar Khan at gunpoint on February 3 from Tarnol police limits and managed to get ransom worth Rs10 million from his father.

Meanwhile, SIU has arrested a gang of kidnappers and also recovered the ransom money from them which has been handed over to the father of the abductee. The accused have been identified as Ibraruddin, Ishaq, Aurangzeb, Tariq and Momin Khan.