ISLAMABAD -  After the order of Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) minister Riaz Pirzada, inquiries against top and law-violating officers are on the card in the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

Despite vigilance team’s surprise visits, the PSB employees never bothered to ensure discipline, observe office timings and avoid leaving offices for chit chats. Only two days ago, the IPC minister had sent a team to check sorry state-of-affairs in the PSB, but to no avail. When this scribe went to the PSB, majority of the staffers were missing and a few one, who succeeded in reaching the board, were busy in spending their time in chit chats.

The PSB staffers have their own style of performing official duties, as majority of them don’t bother to come in time (at 8am), but they are in a hurry to leave office well before 2pm. When this scribe went to meet DDG Administration Mansoor Ahmed to seek his point of view in this regard, he said he was not feeling well and taking short leaves. When this correspondent wanted to know where all tall claims of acting director general Kiyal Zad Gul had gone regarding strict discipline, no compromise on merit and stopping the strangers from roaming around Fatima Jinnah Women Hostel, where female athletes are residing, nothing had been done in this regard, Mansoor failed to give any answer. He also failed to reply regarding appointment of full time media director to guide the sports journalists properly.

The sources confirmed to this scribe that the acting DG had hardly any time to come to the PSB, as he was more busy in performing his official duties as joint secretary Council of Common Interests (CCI) but when he comes, he hardly bothers about taking interest in ensuring smooth functioning of the PSB affairs.

For the last one month or so, ever since Akhtar Ganjera was suspended, the entire PSB work came to an abrupt standstill and even routine files have been pending since weeks. But only P&D department is enjoying uninterrupted funds, as acting DG Kiyal Zad has given XEN powers to his blue-eyed contractor Ijaz Akbar, who is from same belt, where Kiyal Zad belongs. The said gentleman enjoys unlimited powers and spent hours with Kiyal if he finally comes to office.

The sources said in fact, Ijaz Akbar is utilising all the DG powers and free to do whatever he wants to do. He is interfering in almost every department, while a number of PSB employees were missing, when they were informed by their well-wishers about Mian Riaz’ vigilance teams surprise visit. They did come to office but as soon the team leaves, they also disappear.

The sources said as soon as the IPC Minister resumes the office, the opportunists wasted little time to switch back loyalties. The same officers, who were standing guard to PM Task Force head Ijaz Gull, provided two luxurious rooms to Gull while also provided an office and PA. They were all around Gull, but now the tide has turned around, Mansor has passed on directives to charge rooms rent from Gull. The sources said Rs 300 have been fixed as rent of per room, which are under Gull’s possession for the last month. When contacted, a person on condition of anonymity, confirmed that he had received verbal directives from Mansoor but he refused to act until directives were not issued in writing. “We can’t afford to become part of heavyweights fighting, as they keep on changing every day. Gull is powerful person and I can’t take action until provided in writing so I have proof.”

It is high time when the IPC minister must pay visit to the PSB to ensure rule of law or else he should appoint a committee to look after the affairs until his demands are met, as it will ensure smooth running of day-to-day affairs while the work on pending files will also be started and daily wagers also succeeded on getting their due amount.