MANDI BAHAUDDIN -  Standoff between lawyers and judges continued for the third consecutive day on Thursday das either party stood fast to their respective stands.

No effort was made to settle the rift between the bar and bench. The lawyers held a meeting with DBA President Ghulam Rasul Gondal in chair at the bar room. Speakers in their tirades, criticized the lady judge for ‘malfeasance’ while deciding judgments and changing them after their pronouncement. They blamed her for taking bribe for altering judgments and adopting insulting behaviour towards lawyers. They also blamed DSJ Rana Nisar for destroying working relations and cooperation between the bench and the bar. They said he is playing politics, which has caused division among the bar members as well as creating rift between judges and lawyers leadership. They condemned both the DSJ and the lady judge for their misconduct and corrupt practices. They demanded their posting out. The meeting also resolved to continue boycott of DSJ and ADSJ Shazia Cheema till Friday. On Saturday boycott of all courts in the district will start that would continue till transfer of both the judges, the meeting announced. On the other hand the judges maintained that contentions of lawyers were false. The main reason behind their boycott is rejection of an appeal for seeking stay order by ADSJ Shazia Cheema court. The Senior Civil Judge said this petition was related to case of land property that had already been decided by the apex court. He said lawyers’ boycott of courts is just to scare the judges to get “desired” judgments.



Our staff reporter