PESHAWAR -  A delegation of an international non-government organisation Global Learning Trust on Thursday called on Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak and assured him provision of Rs19 billion as donation for overcoming missing facilities in schools and hospitals of the province.

The delegation also assured of providing a total of Rs50 billion for overcoming deficiencies in various social sectors to improve service delivery of the institutions in the province.

The chief minister also chaired a meeting to review the needs of concerned departments in this regard. Besides representatives of the Trust, the meeting was attended by Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Education Minister Atif Khan, Minister for Excise Mian Jamshaiduddin Kakakhel, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Muhammad Israr Khan, administrative secretaries and planning officers of Elementary and Secondary Education, Finance, Higher Education, Health, Excise and Taxation and Social Welfare departments who presented detailed estimates and public needs of various departments including health and education.

The delegation led by Vice Chairman of the Trust Qaiser Zaman assured that the funds would be made available and transferred to provincial kitty soon after approval of the estimates from donors’ forum in UK that included medical equipment for health institutions of the province including three major hospitals of Peshawar costing Rs14 billion and construction of eight to nine thousand additional rooms in primary to higher secondary schools costing Rs5 billion to cater to the needs of the sector by end of the current year.

He further assured that the donations amount would reach to Rs50 billion by February 2018 to remove deficiencies of other social sector departments and thus cater to the needs of public to the maximum extent.

It may be recalled that President of the Trust and UNO Ambassador Dr Rubina Haider Ali had called on the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak some time back and had offered welfare services of her Trust in the province wherein the Chief Minister had invited the Trust to visit KP and see the needs of the province and the people. He lauded the welfare activities of the Trust in rest of the country including Balochistan and hoped that such welfare contributions would also be extended to KP that was worst affected by terrorism and natural calamities.

Pervez Khattak while talking to the delegation said that his government believed in exploiting its available resources for durable development of the province rather than relying on help from the outside or begging for foreign aid or loans. He said that his government preferred overall national interest and not to accept conditionality of donors and NGOs for development and welfare.

The chief minister said that they were pursuing their own development strategies to fulfil the desires and needs of the people and the results were also encouraging as the people were benefited of its fruits. He however made clear that KP government would welcome national and international NGOs that come forward for development and welfare of this province and its people.

He thanked the offer of the Trust for catering to the basic needs of the province in health and education sectors.

He said that it was a test case for the Trust and mutual confidence and goodwill would flourish by leaps and bounds if the Trust ensured availability of Rs19 billion for both the sectors by December this year as promised.

Khattak said that it was also good omen that the Trust had so far spent Rs40 billion on providing facilities to the people in health, education, agriculture, solar energy and other sectors in Balochistan wherein fruitful results were yielded while the KP government also pinned such result-oriented welfare expectations from the Trust so that its institutions are strengthened enough to perform the service delivery in befitting manner and the province march ahead to progress and prosperity.