LAHORE - Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif Thursday told PML-N’s members in Punjab Assembly, from different districts of the province, that the country’s economic conditions have been much improved due to solid measures adopted by the government during the last four years.

“The government’s efforts over the last four years have started to bear results. Pakistan’s economy is on the take off position towards the goal of development and prosperity. As compared to 2013, there is development and prosperity all around. Pakistan of 2018 will be more peaceful, prosperous, secured and developed as compared to 2013,” the CM said.

He added that different international agencies have also admired Pakistan government’s policies based on transparency. “Decrease in corruption in Pakistan and increase in transparency is the credit of the PML-N government.”

He went on to say that the government of Pakistan Muslim League-N has utilised resources on public welfare projects as sacred trust of the nation; while previous governments mercilessly plundered the national resources and set records of loot and plunder in the name of development projects.

“Former rulers increased the problems of the people, instead of helping them to get rid of tribulations, due to their loot and corruption.”

He added that the era of corruption is over, and maintained that development projects of the PML-N government are self-proof of transparency and quality.

Hitting out at the political opponents, the CM said that the elements hindering the projects of betterment of the common man do not want an end to the deprivations of the poor people.

“The opponents of development projects do not want public welfare and development of the country. A handful of elements may continue to oppose the prosperity of the common man as we are not bothered with it, and will continue the selfless journey of public welfare.”

He vowed to set new records of public service under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.