ISLAMABAD - The CCP on Thursday held a workshop on “Guidance on Competition Compliance (GCC)” at Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI).

The workshop was based on the Commission’s Guidance for Competition Compliance, launched in December 2016, to encourage and promote voluntary compliance of the law. The guide explains the nature of competition law enforcement in Pakistan to show how competition law risks can arise if they are not understood or managed. It also provides suggestions that can help businesses approach the management of risks in a systematic and effective way and the steps they can take to reduce financial and reputational risks from any transgressions.

The workshop was hosted by OICCI Secretary General Abdul Aleem and OICCI Deputy Secretary General Moin Mohajir, along with other OICCI officials. The CCP delegation was led by CCP Chairperson Vadiyya Khalil along with Ikramul Haque Qureshi (member). The other CCP officers were Ahmed Qadir, (Director General); Noman Laiq (Director); Arshad Javed and Sophia Khan, (Deputy Directors Legal Department), who gave a consolidated presentation and elaborated various aspects of Competition Act, 2010 and the essential components of the compliance programme.