Islamabad - It has been a day after the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf expelled the newly-inducted member, Farooq Bandiyal, from the party after it emerged that he had been sentenced for‘raping’ film actress Shabnum 40 years ago but the social media does not seem to forgive Imran Khan for his 'mistake'.

“Meet Farooq Bindiyal, the new companion of Imran Khan, and now PTI candidate, who brutally raped famous film actress. He was convicted and sentenced to death, which was later converted to life imprisonment. 100 days mantra on its way to change, tweeted Netizen Majid Agha.

LunNaa advised Imran Khan to get rid of his research team that even cannot know that Farooq Bindiyal was a rapist.

Aadil Jillani wrote: “Inducting Rapist, Convicted Person in party to earn votes is shameful business by PTI talking about high moral grounds”.

Hafsa Siddique said she always wondered why Pakistan cinema's top star Shabnum left all the stardom behind. She said it was shame for the whole nation. Appealing the Supreme Court to take a suo motu, she said justice must prevail and Farooq Bandiyal and his all four accomplices should be punished.

The tweet from Gulbukhari earned attention of many. She wrote: “Farooq Bandial, and his accomplices raped the middle aged Shabnam in front of her (now late husband) Robin Ghosh and grown up teenage son after tying them up”. The post received 95 re-tweets and 222 likes. The popularity of the tweet sparked a furious response and hawks ridiculed her in every possible way, challenging the recently adopted strict cyber laws.

User Maleeha Manzoor asked how can a party be so ignorant of the people it takes in.  She said the investigation committee made for face-saving is headed by the very infamous Naeem-ul-Haq.

Farooq Bandial was proved a culprit long ago by courts, what are you even investigating, she wrote.

Not only the induction of Bandial in PTI but his expelling was also discussed widely. Some alleged that the convicted person was associated with PML-N for long time while the other side rubbished the claim. Hawks from PML-N and PTI both hurled serious accusations and mudslinging on each other.

The controversial tweet from former film star Jharna Basak, aka, Shabnum was also discussed widely. “I appreciate Imran Khan on expelling Farooq Bandyal from his party and very thankful to people of Pakistan who took against rapist, Jeetay Rahain”, said the tweet.

Later, someone pointed out that it was a fake account and alleged that it was a cheap popularity stunt from the PTI media team.

Some questioned the moral values of PTI top management and said they only inducted a rapist as to them rape is not a crime and his membership was only cancelled after strong social media protest.

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday announced inducting Farooq Bandial into the party but after just a few hours announced expelling him on heavy social media backlash.

Farooq Bandial was awarded a death sentence by a Special Military Court in 1979 for committing "armed dacoity" at the house of film actress Shabnam in Gulberg area of Lahore.

According to reports, he in addition to robbery assaulted the actress also, who left the country in shame.

Naeem ul Haq used social media to announce the policy decision.

“Farooq Bandial’s entry into PTI was unfortunate. He has been expelled from the party with immediate effect. We have no place for people with such record in our party. He should not even be in any political party”, PTI stalwart said.