ISLAMABAD  -    Capital Development Authority and Islamabad Capital Administration, in connection with the ongoing anti-encroachment drive, conducted operation in Nilore and removed encroachments from the area.

During the operation, conducted by the CDA Enforcement Directorate in collaboration with the ICT administration, site office of Eden Life housing society was sealed. It had come to the notice of the authority that the said housing society had built another office within the premises of Eden Life housing society and operating their business, after closure of their earlier site office where they dealt their own property business. Taking advantage of weekly holidays, Illegal occupants of the katchi abbadies started illegal construction work inside these areas. Special teams continued their monitoring during weekly holidays and several ongoing illegal constructions were also demolished in the slums. The special teams of Enforcement Directorate of the authority visited various katchi abadies of Islamabad and during the visit of katchi abadi near Railway Line at Sector H-11, illegal structure of newly-constructed boundary wall has been demolished. While temporary huts were damaged partially, while occupants family living inside the huts were given 2 days notice to vacate the site for dismantling.

 Similarly other operation conducted by the Enforcement teams in front of Aam Sarrey in Sector G-7/3 katchi abbadi, construction work of laying foundation were stopped and immediately demolished.

The surveillance and monitoring of special teams in the all katchi abadies of Islamabad will continue in the holidays.