ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistan Post is going to launch international remittances initiative in collaboration with the National Bank of Pakistan to facilitate Pakistani expatriates to send their remittances through lawful means in the country.

The said initiative is being launched under the umbrella of Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI), which was introduce to facilitate the faster and cheaper flow of remittance in an effective and convenient manner. 

The initiative would enable Pakistani expatriates to send their hard-earned money to their loved ones at doorstep with the help of the Pak-Post.

FRI is aimed at encouraging the overseas Pakistanis to remit their cash through legal means which would eventually lead to boost foreign exchange reserves of the country.

The initiative is basically to discourage the transfer of funds from foreign countries through illegal means i.e. Hawal, Hundi and currently the National Bank of Pakistan is offering the same service to the citizen.   Now, Pakistan Post is going to launch Foreign Remittance Initiative (FRI) for overseas Pakistanis to offer them free of cost money transfer service in collaboration of National Bank of Pakistan initially in 230 post offices which will be gradually extended to 3000 post offices across the county.  Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed would launch international remittances initiative on Monday in a formal ceremony, which is scheduled to be held at Islamabad.

When contacted, the Director General Pakistan Post Dr Naseer Ahmed Khan told that the Pakistan post is going to extend the services with the help of National Bank of Pakistan on selected post offices across the country.

“We have a largest network of post offices across the country and we will expand the area of FRI services gradually”, he said, adding: “Overseas Pakistanis would be able to send their money free of cost at their home stations with the help of our network.”