LOS ANGELES  -   Robert Pattinson has been chosen to play Batman in the new superhero film.

Warner Bros. were reportedly torn between the 33-year-old actor and Nicholas Hoult to portray the legendary character and, after a screen test this week, have settled on the former ‘Twilight’ star to replace Ben Affleck, according to Variety.

Pre-production on the Warner Bros. and DC Comics collaboration is expected to kick off this summer ahead of a June 25th 2021 release.

Matt Reeves took over ‘The Batman’ directing duties from Affleck - who also stepped down from the role as the titular character in January - and he will produce the motion picture with Dylan Clark.

Affleck took to Twitter in January to confirm he was departing the role of Batman.

Pattinson now joins a long list of high profile names to play the iconic role.

Michael Keaton played the titular character in 1989’s ‘Batman’ - which was directed by Tim Burton - and Val Kilmer and George Clooney have also taken on the role, in ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Batman & Robin’ respectively.