Peshawar                -          Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party, Muhammad Faiq Shah has welcomed the reduction in prices of petroleum products and asked to pass on its benefit to poor masses by reducing prices of essential commodities and fares of public transport, including Pakistan Railways and airlines.

Chairing a meeting of the party office bearers and workers here yesterday, Faiq Shah said the benefits were yet not to be passed on the poor masses despite of gradual reduction in rates of petroleum commodities.

The ATP chief said the prices of electricity, public transport and essential food items are still sky-rocketed whereas bread and butter have also completely out from purchasing power of common man, adding that every ruler is not thinking about well-being of the poverty-stricken masses.   

On the other hand, Faiq Shah witnessed the unemployment is at peak amid the spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic as poor people had been left on mercy of profiteers and hoarders.

Faiq Shah said the doctors and people are dying in hospitals amid Covid-19 crisis while the rest is perturbed due to poverty, hunger and starvation under the prevailing circumstances.

He demanded of the government to devise strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure precautionary steps against the Covid-19.

The ATP chief described the alleged friction between the Centre and Sindh about the coronavirus issue is harmful in the current scenario and urged them to show unity and adopt collective policy.