ISLAMABAD-The 34 year old mother of two’s extraordinary Twitter outburst came despite the singer living in Wales where schools will remain closed until September. Taking to social media recently, she wrote: ‘Highly recommend if you can help it, not sending your children back to school tomorrow.....this government doesn’t give a flying thing about you, your children, your elders or your vulnerable.’ Parents who want their children to return to school have accused the star of ‘shaming’ them, with one saying: ‘What a ridiculous and hatred inciting statement’. Another replied to her message saying: ‘This is shocking. There are many children who haven’t had any education for the last 10 weeks. You as a mother I would have thought would have understood the importance of this’.

And critics have also pointed out that Ms. Church’s advice to parents with children in mainstream school came despite her decision home school her own offspring since 2016.