The Egyptian military has eliminated 19 terrorists in northern Sinai during several raids over the week, spokesman Tamer Al-Rifai has said.

"19 terrorists were killed during military strikes carried out last week against sites used by armed groups", Al-Rifai said, as quoted by the Al-Masdar News online newspaper.

According to the spokesman, the three senior militants were killed in special operations in the vicinity of the cities of Bir al-Abd, Sheikh Zuwayed and Rafah, based on intelligence information. Another 16 were killed in a number of intensive strikes by the air forces at several locations.

"They targeted and destroyed two SUVs, and a warehouse containing a large amount of explosive devices and logistical support. The Border Guard forces also managed to seize a number of smugglers with a large amount of weapons and ammunition in various calibres, and a number of four-wheel-drive vehicles", Al-Rifai added.

The military also said that five servicemen of the armed forces were killed and injured during the operations.

The north of the Sinai Peninsula has long been Egypt's most tense region due to the presence of violent terrorists, who frequently conduct attacks against police and army on the peninsula. The Egyptian armed forces have been leading a large-scale counterterrorist operation in the area for over two years now.