ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party senior leader Senator Rehman Malik’s three books - Bleeding Kashmir, Daesh-ISIS - Rising Monster and Modi’s War Doctrine – are available at Amazon as Kindle Edition.

Speaking to The Nation, Rehman Malik – a former Interior Minister – said he was happy over the development and hopeful that the world will take advantage of his experience.

“I have written these books with dedication and gathered information over the years. I am sure these books will be helpful for the whole world,” he said.

The ‘Bleeding Kashmir’ is a comprehensive book in term of knowledge and facts that contains 32 chapters and 202 pages.

The book has been dedicated to all the martyrs of Kashmir and the victims of Indian brutalities especially Insha Mushtaq who lost her eyes as a result of the injuries sustained due to the aggression by Indian armed forces in Held Kashmir, but did not discontinue education.

In his book, the author has exposed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim and Pakistan mindset, Hindutva ideology and motives behind the series of his recent actions regarding Kashmir.

I am sure these books will be helpful for whole world

He enlightens his readers about the inaction of United Nations vis-à-vis the implementation of the UNSC Resolutions on Kashmir and also elaborates the Indo-Pak 5th Generation warfare dimensions.

He discusses how the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is liable for trial under Rome Statute for his heinous crimes against humanity.

In a chapter, Senator Malik has applauded the Gambia for filing case against Aung San Suu Kyi, ruling leader of Republic of Myanmar, for massacre of Rohingiya Muslims.

‘Daesh–ISIS Rising Monster Worldwide’ has 14 chapters and is dedicated to the victims of terrorism particularly Daesh worldwide. This book is an inside account of Daesh and its hidden agenda. In the book, Senator Malik has discussed the emergence of Daesh–ISIS and its evolution in enormous spectrum.

The author has discussed in detail about the rise and flourish of Daesh–ISIS and its manoeuvres across the globe. He brings to light the rising phenomenon of violent extremism under the banner of Daesh which is bent upon disrupting and destroying internal, regional and international peace and stability.

The book addresses the readers that how this organization abuses the name of religion as a bulwark for committing repugnant offenses against humanity. The author has pointed out the front organizations and groups that act as a platform for projecting and propagating Daesh’s lopsided worldview.

The author spots the threat of Daesh-ISIS to South Asia, including countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and some parts of China and Russia. It predicts that these countries are on the target of this extremist organization because of its dubious financing and background.

In the book ‘Modi’s War Doctrine,’ Senator Rehman Malik has amply covered the history of events carried out by the India successive governments for aggravating the anti-Pakistan hatred amongst the Indian nation thus exploiting their nationalism.

The book carries valuable knowledge about RSS and its involvement in the terrorist activities being carried out against the Muslims and other minorities in India. The author has very briefly discussed about Narendra Modi’s upbringing in RSS training center and his growth in the RSS ranks owing to his physical involvement in terrorist acts.

The author has very clearly co-related the moves of present Indian government in conformity with the statements of RSS and BJP leadership declaring the non-existence of Pakistan in coming few years.

Senator Rehman Malik said he had been trying to share the information he gathered in decades with the students, writers and intellectuals.

“My basic aim is to put the truth on record. I didn’t want to keep my experiences with myself. People should know the truth,” he remarked.