Karachi             -         Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar on Monday asked prople to approach doctors if they have any symptom of the novel coronavirus and ignore fake propaganda being done on the Covid-19 issue.

In a statement issued here, Akhtar expressed severe concern over surge in number of coronavirus affected people after Ramazan and Eid-ul-Fitr and asked the citizens to approach doctors if found any of the symptoms so that the virus could be controlled at initial stage. 

“The people should go through coronavirus screening or test, if advised by the doctors,” he added.

He feared that the situation may go out of control if the people don’t take preventive measures. He appealed to the citizens to adopt all preventive measures including wearing face masks, maintaining social distance and washing hands on regular interval.

“We could only face the pandemic by adopting precautionary measures and showing national unity. The entire world is facing hardships due to coronavirus and this not the time for political point scoring. The people should adopt precautionary measures as prevention is better than cure,” said the Mayor.

He also paid tribute to doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and other health workers who are combating from the front line by keeping thier own lives at stake. “Torturing doctors and paramedics or accusing them would demoralize them in serving the people at hospitals,” Akhtar added.

He was of the view that fabricated propaganda is being made that doctors are given huge amount by foreign countries to increase number of coronavirus patients, asking the citizens to ignore such fake news being circulated on social media.

The Mayor requested the family members of the patients to cooperate with hospitals’ managements and maintain law and order so that the doctors could look after the patients in more effective manner.

He also requested doctors and hospitals managements to guide the patients family frankly and politely.

Akhar was of the view that there is acute shortage of ICUs in private and public sector hospitals, adding that federal and Sindh governments had left the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation alone during the pandemic and didn’t provide them funds despite repeated demands to combat the Covid-19.

“Abbasi Shaheed Hospital is the second largest hospital of Karachi but we could not start Covid-19 testing due shortage of required funds,”he said and added that the KMC is taking allout measures at its own.

Meanwhile, the Sindh Revenue Board, Government of Sindh has issued Tax Incentive Package, on Monday which provides substantial benefit and relief to the taxpayer, service providers and withholding agents, in return of their tax compliance.

The Package includes exemption of up to 100 per cent of the amount of default surcharge, total remission of penalties and immunity from arrest and prosecution, said a statement.

In cases where no tax liability is outstanding but only the arrears of amounts of penalty and/or default surcharge are outstanding, the tax incentive package allows the remission of 95 per cent of the amount of such penalty and 90 per cent of the amount of such default surcharge, if the balance of the amounts of penalty and default surcharge are deposited during the period from June 01 to 30, 2020.

The SRB has advices all taxpayers, service providers and withholding agents to avail of the benefits of the Tax incentive Package which shall expire at the close of the June 30, 2020.

The Incentives announced through the package provides an opportunity to the taxpayers to get substantial waiver of their liability to pay penalties and defaults surcharge by depositing the outstanding amounts of tax liabilities during the period. This may also help in resolution of disputes pending in litigation, appeals, adjudication or audit.