I lived long enough to witness the creation of Pakistan, its dismemberment in 1971 and then gradual destruction at the hands of the nation collectively. I was part of the freedom movement and still can recall rallies of those times. Both the Congress and the Muslim League used to hold rallies in Rawalpindi on a daily basis.

Often, the workers of Congress led by Bhim Sen Sachar clashed with workers of Muslim-League. In 1906, Mr. Jinnah joined the Congress and was welcomed by its leadership calling him the ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity. Mr. Jinnah was a great leader who possessed talent and foresight. He sensed that Congress wanted freedom without sorting their communal issues and the Muslim League on the other hand insisted on solving communal issues. When Congress seemed oblivious to the concerns of the minorities, mostly Muslims, Jinnah left and joined the Muslim League. He was very quickly labeled a traitor and Nehru predicted that Jinnah would fail miserably because he did not enjoy inherent power for a strong political party.

At this, the Quaid-e-Azam replied that he will show how well organized and strong ML was, which he did. Nehru also maintained that a separate state for the Muslim minority without a well-organised political party would lead to failure. While Jinnah proved his opponents wrong in everything by not only making the ML into a strong political party but also creating a separate viable state for the Muslim minority. However, it seems that since inception, we as a nation are trying to prove Jinnah’s opponents right by taking the country to gloom and misery through constant infighting, corruption, and bigotry. I wish we would learn from our great leader and work for the betterment of the country collectively.