LAHORE (APP) - The cousin marriage and self-medication during the first three months of pregnancy is one of the cause of deaf and dumbness in the newly born children. Head of the ENT ward, Allama Iqbal Medical College, a prominent specialist Prof Dr Shahid Imran Ali told APP here Sunday that deafness has become a very common disease among the children which could be properly cured and treated successfully within Pakistan if diagnosed at the early stage. He said that the parents must consult the ENT specialists if their child did not speak or hear till six month after his birth. He said the people must take care of their ear like eyes and never ignore the ear complication. He said that nose and throat were two gateways for the germs to get into body. He said that due to high level of air pollution, rapid industrialisation process, automobile smoke, throat allergies and infections have also become common in which throat membrane was badly affected. Dr Shahid said that tonsils were body guard standing on the either sides of the throat which protect the body from infections. If they were affected, then their role becomes opposite. They start acting life enemies thus their role may cause complications like ear discharge, kidney infection, appetite loss, particularly among the school going children. He said that children suffered from repeated fever and kidney and heart problems. He said that its permanent treatment was removal of tonsil with the help of latest techniques after which all types of symptoms vanish and patient was relieved of all sorts of antibiotics. About the hoarseness of the voice, he said that it occurred among all age groups specially in teachers, lawyers and singers etc. He said that in fact patient get singer's node in their sound box and their box becomes hoarse. He said this complication was also curable through micro-laryngeal surgery that enable the patient to lead a normal and symptoms free life. Dr Shahid Imran said that high blood pressure, Deviation of Nasal Septum (DNS) and trauma were the causes of nose bleeding and its treatment was quite simple. He said that according to the respective causes, electrical cauterisation was a permanent treatment for nose bleeding. He stressed the urgent need for delivering a series of informative and educative lectures on print and electronic media to create awareness among the masses about ENT diseases. He said that effective public health programmes could help people to improve their health.