The people are dismayed and dejected at the tragic drop scene of the PML (N)-PPP alliance. Those who remember the initial bonhomie between the leaders of the two parties never expect the two parties to part ways in such a disastrous fashion and that too so early in the day. They were rather mesmerised the way two sides came closer and together. The people had many dreams in their eyes when these mainstream political parties shunned the confrontational politics of the past and formed an alliance. It was thought that it was the end of dictatorship with all its vices. From now on the Establishment would never have an upper hand in politics once these two parties are united. More importantly, the people feel as if they are in safe hands. But then came the final blow, the heartrending break-up between the two and that too for power politics and with that all the dreams the people had in their eyes got shattered. It is being wondered in public debates that if they were to part ways in such a clumsy way then why did they come closer with such pomp and show in the first place. The people feeling the weight of past more than the politicians fighting it out found themselves suddenly more insecure at the moment. They have little idea where this fight between the two Titans would land the country. Even for the first time the politicians otherwise considered an opportunist class consider the renewed confrontation between the two sides as most unfortunate and heartbreaking. They are advising both leaderships to observe calm and caution, but it seems the advice has fallen on deaf ears with the PML (N) leadership continuing its blustering, washing its dirty linen in public. As such call for a greater reconciliation is gaining a louder pitch. Both Asfandyar Wali and Maulana Fazlur Rehman have offered their good offices to mediate between Nawaz Sharif and President Asif Zardari. Balochistan Chief Minister Raisani also called on Nawaz Sharif and asked him to observe restraint. But it seems as if there is a little room left for any patch up to take effect between the two sides with Sharifs taking maximalist approach. Nawaz blamed Zardari for downturn in his political fortunes. He openly claimed that Zardari was behind the recent court decision, making it difficult for reconciliation efforts to make any headway. The political figures out to seek reconciliation are placing more stress on the withdrawal of Governor's rule from the Punjab. It seems the PPP is ready to give in on that count- sooner the better for normalizing the situation. Public debates are also raging on different levels wondering who is to be blamed for brining this political calamity, Nawaz Sharif or Zardari or both. Or both the party leaders lacked political sense and sagacity that are required to sustain coalition set-ups. In coalitions you require cool heads and more accommodation than being exhibited by the two sides. Some people blamed Zardari others Nawaz for being too narrow-minded, adopting a very brash and blunt stance vis--vis a political partner. It is being claimed in these debates that conquering the Punjab weighs quite heavily in the PPP calculations and hence this turnaround. Other said Nawaz Sharif rocked the boat by placing all his eggs in the lawyers' movement. They think that Nawaz instead of coming out of the system should have stayed in, becoming a bridge between the lawyers and PPP to find a way out of the crisis. Some even say that Nawaz made tactical mistakes by allowing Zardari more time than he should have given him. He let Zardari accomplishing everything without forcing him first to restore the deposed CJ. The timing of this confrontation too is most awful. It came when the country needed more unity to tackle the internal and external challenges. Again when the world powers seemed obsessed by Pakistan, it all happened. While the PPP is keeping its cool, the PML(N) leaders are seething with the thought of losing Punjab and that to Punjab Governor Salman Taseer taking charge of the Punjab, emerging quite successful in his tussle with Sharifs. The PML (N) leaders including Sharif brothers are huffing and puffing since the apex court upheld their disqualification, imposing ban on their taking part in politics. Nawaz Sharif is more than furious, if not broke. His political survival is at stake. As such the PML (N) leaders and workers are on the streets, staging protest against the 'injustice' being meted out to Sharifs. Nawaz Sharif wants protests to continue until the country returned to an early election, hoping for a win with greater majority to tinker with the constitution. In Lahore we see PPP workers also taking out rally. They brought out rallies from other parts of the country. At some points the workers of the two parties came very close to each other but luckily the showdown was averted. Amid heightened confrontation what we witness is the dangerous trend of violating the sacred ness of prime institutions. It seemed that we do not any more observe the sanctity of our institutions whether it is judiciary or military or political institutions with our mainstream leaders inciting people to go for civil disobedience without knowing what message they are giving to the public considering them role model. The party workers and leaders find pleasure to see the rivals being ridiculed in most derogatory terms. E-mail: