LAHORE-Senior PPP leader Naveed Chaudhry on Sunday urged Sharif brothers to settle their affairs directly with President Asif Ali Zardari, who had already offered them an olive branch in spirit of national reconciliation. Addressing a news conference at Lahore Press Club, the PPP leader questioned that if the Sharifs could use the good offices of a Saudi prince to get close to the PML-Q, what was preventing them from entering into dialogue with country's president who was more then willing to address their concerns. Naveed alleged that PML-N leadership had indulged in mudslinging against President Zardari out frustration arising out of their disqualification by the court. Accusing Sharif brothers of adopting double standards, the PPP leader said they saw no wrong in the NRO as long as their government in Punjab was intact, but resorted to blame game after court's verdict. He condemned PML-N leaders for their deliberate attempts to create divisions within PPP, saying they were afraid of its popularity and would not succeed in their nefarious designs given the fact that PPP was the most disciplined party in the country. He accused them of hatching conspiracies against democracy by supporting dictatorship. Naveed also accused Sharifs of making silent deal with a dictator and fleeing the country at a time when nation and their party needed them the most. To become a national hero, he added, one has to make sacrifices and spend years in jail instead of signing deals with the dictators. The PPP, on the other hand, had a history of sacrifices as its leaders stood firm against dictators and sacrificed their lives, he further said making a comparison of two party's leaders. Taking about imposition of Governor's Rule in Punjab, he said that the step was taken fill leadership gap created in the province following disqualification of Shahbaz Sharif as a result of court decision.