LAHORE - The Punjab police under the control of their new commander are giving final touches to a 'comprehensive strategy' to deal with the emerging political protests and the expected lawyers' Long March. The police have finalized a counter-plan to deal with any emergent situation in all possible manners and to implement the 'on-the-spot' orders of the Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. At present the police authorities are focusing on the lawyers' Long March, keeping all options open to respond to the political workers, leadership and lawyers in case they try to go out of control. The entire police set up from SP to CCPO level in the Punjab Capital, known as a hub of political movements, has been changed. The police have made all the arrangements to detain the top political leadership of PML (N) and the lawyers' leaders at their residences within no time if the Punjab govt orders the law enforcing agencies to take this step. Sources in the police revealed that the possibility of putting the top leadership under house arrest some 48-hours before the start of Long March, could not be ruled out. If the leaders are be put under house arrest, the police will more comfortably be able to handle the workers. Sources said that the police high-ups have also identified sensitive areas and trouble spots in the City and others parts of the Punjab as well. The IGP has also activated the Special Branch of the Punjab police by posting experienced officers there. The entire staff of the Special Branch will be deployed in between the protesters in plainclothes to keep the things under control, a high-level source said. "Safety and security cannot be taken lightly now," he added. The police high-ups, these days, are holding detailed meetings at the Central Police Office to discuss implementation of their plan of action under the present political scenario in Punjab with reshuffling of the police officers at all levels in order to put right people at the right place. According to a notification issued on Sunday, the IGP replaced several police officers of SP rank with the officers of his choice here in the Punjab Capital to ensure immediate implementation of the orders to be issued from the quarters concerned. Sources believed that Khawaja Khalid Farooq has also been given free hand as far as the postings and transfers of the police officers are concerned. According to the police plan, different strategies have been evolved to handle the leadership of lawyers and political parties while the lawyers and workers are to be dealt within different way, quite roughly and strictly. The top police hierarchy has also sought additional force from the Punjab Constabulary for deployment in different parts of the Punjab. The police have also been provided modern self-defense equipments including body armors, shields, bulletproof vest and breastplate besides communication technology to remain in touch with the police high up. Special monitoring cells have also been set up in all district and regional offices, where the top brass will ensure round-the-clock monitoring of the political activities. Heavy police contingents will be deployed across the Punjab, particularly on major inter-city routes to crush public gatherings. Sources also claimed that the elite force would be deployed around the residences of the political and lawyers' leadership. Sources also believed that it would be a test case for the newly appointed IGP to handle the emerging political crisis, protests and Long March, no matter if he had accepted this challenge. Khawaja Khalid Farooq is known as a seasoned police officer, who strictly ensures implementation of his orders rather than issuing directions only. After assuming the charge of his new office, he spends most of his time in holding meetings with police officers, traders, and with all those people who matter.