ISLAMABAD - Reactivation of Punjab District Nazims (DNs) immediately after the imposition of Governor Rule in the province has also developed differences within PPP as the majority of the party lawmakers from Punjab feel uncomfortable with the development due to their track record of bitter relations with DNs. Well-placed sources within PPP told TheNation on Sunday that PPP workers and the party lawmakers from Punjab, who were subjected to coercion at the hands of PML-Q District Nazims in the past, are unhappy over Governor Punjab's lavish favours towards the beleaguered district governments. As per sources, a number of the party MNAs and MPAs had exhibited their concerns over the restoration of the District Nazims' legal, financial and administrative powers. According to reliable sources, PPP workers said that it was right on behalf of Governor Punjab to stand by the embattled DNs in recent past to keep PML-N's government in the province under pressure 'but PPP workers and leaders argue that their total reactivation is not justified as they had been playing in the hands of the previous Musharraf-led regime to suppress PPP at the grass root level'. However, some PPP leaders on the other hand justified the move, as a part of political tactics, and said that it is necessary to broad the base of the party in the stronghold of Mian Nawaz Sharif. "The incapacitated DNs after the restoration of their administrative and legal powers would help PPP Governor to maintain law and order in the troubled province", said a PPP leader. Some sources within PPP told TheNation that after the restoration of DNs' powers, their tenure could be extended if they successfully meet the objective to foil the lawyers' long march. "These DNs would have to use their clout in their respective districts to woo PML-Q dissident MPAs to join the mainstream party so that PPP could form a coalition government in the province with Q-League", said the sources. Federal Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Justice (Retd) Abdul Razak Thahim said that the restoration of District Nazims' powers was laudable step as the previous government had unlawfully suspended their funds. On the issue of extending their tenure, Thahim said that it could be possible with the consent of the President. On the other side, those PML-Q leaders who oppose the idea of forging an alliance with PPP said that the District Nazims' reactivation move by PPP would cause an immense pressure on Chaudhrys of Gujrat to go PPP's way. "It is the calculated move meant to win the support of more than 25 PML-Q District Nazims of Punjab as it would reduce the chances of Chaudhry's negotiation with PML-N in future or compel them not to incline towards PML-N fearing their clout in Punjab could further weaken", said a PML-Q leader seeking not to be named. Leader of Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheeruddin talking to TheNation denied the impression that District Nazims in changing political scenario would ask the PML-Q's central command, with whom they are still affiliated, to forge an alliance with PPP. "They are our party workers, they have to follow the line set by the party and not give instructions to the party leadership to follow a definite line", he added. When asked whether the tenure of the DNs is going to be extended, he said that he did not know but he favoured the idea if it is constitutionally possible. "The whole one year of district governments was spoiled due to undue interference of PML-N provincial government in their affairs, therefore, they should be given extension", he observed.