LAHORE - Chief PML-N Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that like his predecessor Pervez Musharraf, President Asif Ali Zardari was afraid of the United States. He was addressing a ceremony held here at Jamia Naeemia on Sunday, on his first ever visit to a seminary since his return from exile. It is worth mentioning that Nawaz and his party have stepped up their attack on Zardari since the Supreme Court barred him and his brother Shahbaz Sharif from contesting polls and holding public offices. Speaking on the occasion, Mian Nawaz Sharif said President Zardari did not qualify to run the affairs of the country as he was taking dictation from the US on each and every internal matter. He alleged that Zardari, like Musharraf, was compromising Pakistan's sovereignty by formulating policies according to the US dictates. "Zardari is taking dictation from the US on each and every internal issue. Does he qualify to run the country?" he questioned. He said, "Earlier, Musharraf used to fear and take dictation from the US. Now Zardari is doing the same. Our policies are framed somewhere else and not within the country". Nawaz said he rejected US president Bill Clinton's advice on nuclear tests in 1998 while Musharraf surrendered on a phone call of just an American minister after 9/11. Urging the students to come out on roads for the independence of judiciary, he said the success of the movement would curb imposition of decisions from abroad. Referring to his written agreement with the PPP co-chairperson, he said the country was beset with several problems, which led him to enter into an agreement with President Zardari. He said Pakistan was moving towards a dark era; therefore, sincere and able people should come forward to check the decline by wiping out injustice. Agencies add: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shrif has said that the existing judiciary is unable to hear cases, similar to those persons being held without charges by security agencies because it was afraid of rulers like Musharraf and Zardari. He said countries thrive when they abide by their constitution, adding that the people would not accept repeated spells of dictatorships and martial law. He said, "Our problems could only be solved through an independent judiciary only". He said if they do retreat, the posterity would never excuse them. Quoting Hazrat Ali, Nawaz said the government of non-believers could continue, but not that of tyranny. He said if someone was appealing for himself, he should not be supported. But if anyone was appealing for the nation, then support must be given to him. He said inflation was skyrocketing and injustice everywhere. He said PPP had got more seats and therefore he did not aspire for premiership. He reaffirmed his resolve to strive for the supremacy of constitution and restoration of deposed judges, urging the masses to rise up to save the country and play their effective role at this time of difficulty. Nawaz said he had great expectations from the youth, who would change the obsolete and out-dated system in Pakistan. He said, "I have no personal agenda but only the agenda of Pakistan and the nation, which will ultimately resolve all the problems. PML-N Chief observed that Allah Almighty had given a complete code of life in the Holy Quran and everyone could achieve success by following it. Similarly, every country had a Constitution and the law, violation of which led it to present crisis. He said every dictator had compromised Pakistan's sovereignty just to prolong his illegal powers, while the people, who stood for the righteousness, were put behind the bars. He reiterated that he would not sit back until Pakistan was back on track leading to progress and prosperity.