Punjab Muslim League-N President and member provincial assembly, Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa has said that the restoration of judiciary movement could turn into 'Remove Zardari' movement, but its decision hinges on the mood of the people. Zulfiqar Khosa accompanied by All Pakistan Anjuman Tajiran (APAT)'s president, Haji Maqsood Butt, while addressing a press conference here in Lahore, claimed that offers in the range of Rs25 to Rs30 million were being made for the purchase of his party MPAs in Punjab. He said that those using vulgar language against the PPP leaders and desecrating the Benazir Memorial were not from ML-N albeit they were agencies people. He said none of our demand was against the country and the constitution. He said efforts were made to destabilize Punjab. He said how many mobile courts would be set up and how many jails they would fill in. Zulfiqar Khosa said that we would spark such a deluge, which Asif Zardari and Salman Taseer would not be able to stop. He said that Nawaz Sharif has offered that we would not poke into the government for five years, if the judiciary gets restored. He said that Altaf Hussain should first come back to Pakistan, then we would consider about his offer of mediation. APAT president on this occasion announced in the press conference his support to Nawaz Sharif and gave a call for his association's convention on March 6.