Minister of Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman urged the Sharif brothers to avoid issuing irresponsible statements in the interest of country and its people. In a telephonic interview to a private television channel on Sunday, the Minister said people attach high hopes to political leadership and they should not disappoint them by issuing irresponsible statements. She said that it was a good omen that two major political parties by burying the politics of confrontation had committed to work together. Unfortunately the inflexible attitude of the PML-N leadership has hampered the progress in this direction, she added. The minister said Nawaz can contact the government whenever he wants. To a question, she said that governor rule is not a novel step in the country adding it had also been imposed in the past. The PPP wants the settlement of issues through dialogue and is prepared even to contest the case of Sharif brothers in the apex court, she said. The PPP members heard a long speech of leader of opposition in the National Assembly with patience she said adding the other side is also expected to show restraint. She said the PML-N is a political force and its leadership should play role in strengthening and stabilizing the country rather than de-stabilizing it. The Minister said that after the court decision, the PPP leadership was expecting that Sharif brothers will contact it but they did not. "We were waiting for them but they opted to take the matter to streets", she added. To a question, the Minister said that PPP leadership is not power hungry and if the PML-N proves its majority in Punjab, they would be given the chance to form their government. If the PML-N leadership comes out of one point agenda, there are many ways to move forward, she said. Every issue could be resolved through negotiation, she added. She expressed the hope that PML-N leadership would join the national efforts to bring stability to country. To another question she said the PPP is a political party and it keeps its doors opened for all adding it has not abandoned contacts with PML-N leadership even in the prevailing conditions.