LAHORE (APP) - The Law College, a constituent college of the Punjab University and oldest in the sub-continent, turned 141 years old, is dedicated to the promotion of sound and enlightened study of law in the country. First ever lady Principal of the college since its inception Shazia Qureshi tracing the history of the historic college while talking to APP here Sunday said that the law classes are the older the university. The law classes was started by the Anjuman-i-Punjab in 1868 which was later taken over by the PU in 1870. She said that the course of study extended over two years and instructions were given in two separate classes, one in English and other in Vernacular. No test was laid down for admission and there was no examinations as certificates awarded by the college possessed little value. The Punjab Chief Court held its own examinations for leadership and admission to the Bar. In 1873 rules were framed requiring the passing of entrance examination of some university or the Punjab University college as condition for admission to the law classes. The following year, the judges of the Chief Court conceded to the Punjab University Law College, the privilege for holding the leadership examination. It was laid down that with the exception of special cases allowed by the Chief Court, no one would be admitted to the law examination without having passed entrance examination or its equivalent. Shazia said that success in first examination qualified the candidates for 'Mukhtarship' and in second examination qualified him for leadership in the subordinate. Pleaders with 5 years standing could be admitted to the Chief Court Bar. In 1885, the system was replaced by the three progressive examinations known as the preliminary law, the first certificate in law and the Licentiate in law. From 1885 to 1906, the course study extended to three years in 1887 and passing of intermediate examination of the university was made a condition for admission to the law classes. For the Licentiate in Law examination, a candidate was required to be a graduate. Another regulation provided that in order to appear in the examination, a candidate must have extended three fourth of the lectures delivered to his class. The previous decision of three years law course were revered which continued several years now PU switched over again to old decision for reintroducing three years law course in English language with a condition of qualifying the entrance test. Now around 1600 students under three years program are studying in morning, afternoon and evening session besides LLM and six different one year diplomas.