When in October, 2008, there were widespread protests over the sudden rise in the electricity tariff, people attacked the WAPDA offices and burnt copies of their bills on the roads. The government apparently relented asking the consumers to pay 40% less the amount shown on the bills. The protests subsided, the consumers paid the reduced bills and the banks accepted slashed payments as per instructions. Then after a couple of months, when the consumers were back to their low electricity usage of winter months, WAPDA conveniently started recovering the amount reduced in four installments. Some of the illiterate, and some casual, consumers did not notice this crafty recovery by the WAPDA revenue department which had typed out on top of each bill that "Receivables on account of tariff differential (if any) will be recovered in four installments". So the apparent relief given by the government has been cleverly taken back. This is not fair. The government should go after electricity theft, line losses and the free units provided to various WAPDA employees rather than keep increasing burden on the common man. -MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, via e-mail, February 9.