Money cannot buy happiness but it can buy a lot of other things. Ask a recently 're-elected' Senator and his two offspring (now Senators in their own right). Incidentally all three are now card-carrying members of the PPP. That is after having jumped the sinking Musharraf government ship. We hear that the Patriarch and a real estate magnate have unzipped their bags of money and set up stalls in the horsetrading market. Rumor has it that they may be chipping in huge sums of money to end up in party coffers. We all know that this kind of hush money can do a lot of talking - or in this case a lot of walking. * * * * * * * * * * * Why is it that our PMs, former and present, have this lingering admiration for former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. Also, the two have wasted no opportunity to praise Ms Hina Rabbani Khar, a member of both cabinets. We hear that in a recent interview to the Wall Street Journal, PM Gillani has actually called Ms Khar "Our Condoleezza Rice." We do not know whether Ms Khar returns this admiration but Condi's "inappropriate" and "uncharitable" remarks about slick Shaukat Aziz are well recorded in her auto-biography. Luckily there are no reports about Ms Khar writing a book. * * * * * * * * * * * It is not yet clear whether there is trouble in the Chaudhry paradise but the Chaudhrys are definitely causing problems in the Kasuri haven. When former FM Khurshid Kasuri invited former CM Parvez Elahi to address a rally in his constituency, his brother Bakhtawar was up in arms. Apparently this younger Kasuri has now declared that he will go with Nawaz Sharif, which of course also means that this could be the beginning of another political dynasty which has a foot in every camp.