Elections are an important element in a country's polity. Since the elections reflect the nation's choice of leaders, particularly the leaders of its youth; the system of election must ensure involvement of the younger set. Unfortunately in Pakistan, the youth lacks spirit and energy that could benefit the country. The majority of our youth thinks polling in elections is an exercise in futility because those competing are simply not cut for the job. In order to encourage participation of the younger generation, there should be an option in the ballot saying 'none of the above'. This would at least show that some people of the country wanted someone other than the one elected in the end. Another reason for non-participation of youth in elections is lack of awareness about the political and economic issues facing the country. Perhaps a short course in their curriculum highlighting the current political, social and economic issues would help them participate with more interest. The unorganized election process and the unpredictable law and order situation are also deterrents in youth involvement in the elections. I think the young people should be encouraged to volunteer in the organization of free and fair elections. -USAMA RASHEED, Karachi, via e-mail, February 24.