LAHORE - Speakers at Hameed Nizami Day seminar on Sunday reiterated the need for restoration of deposed judges as well as going a leap forward for fulfilling the dreams of the Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal and Hameed Nizami with respect to establishing an Islamic, democratic and welfare state in Pakistan. They also pledged to participate in the scheduled 'long march' in a big way to demonstrate fraternity within the ranks of political parties, lawyers and civil society groups for the greater cause under the green flag of Pakistan instead of an individual leader of any political party or group. The seminar was presided over by Mian Shahbaz Sharif and addressed by JI Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, Hafiz Hussain Ahmad of JUI, Dr Javed Iqbal, Mujib ur Rehman Shami and Tehmina Daultana. Editor-in-Chief TheNation Majid Nizami, Editor, Arif Nizami, members of assemblies belonging to PML (N), workers and a large number of general public attended the function at the packed to capacity Alhamra Hall No 1 Shahid Rashid Rashid acted as stage secretary. PPP's Raja Riaz, Babar Awan and Farzana Raja did not turn up despite being invited. The participants shouted spirited slogans "Mian Teray Jannisar Behshamar Beshamar" Sher Ik wari Fair" and Zardari Teray Faislay Hum Nahin Mante" Qadam Baraho Nawaz Sharif Hum Tumaray Sath Hein. Adliya ki Azdai tak Jang Rahay Gi Jang Raha Gi. Aitzaz Ahsan was given warm welcome while earlier Shahbaz Sharif also received tumultuous reception at the hall. In his heart-warming presidential address, PML-N President and former Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif called for making March 12 rally a success. He said that though I am not a saint but know that soul of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto will be with us in the 'long march' and sit-in to realise the dream vis-a-vis of restoration of the deposed judges and independence of judiciary in the country. "Not only Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani but also PPP workers would join the 'long march' and sit-in to conform to the will of his legendary leader", he believed. He announced not to attribute the march to any political personality, saying that 'long march' will be held under the umbrella of "Green Flag of Pakistan" and all political leadership including PML-N chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and JI chief Qazi Hussain would be standing under it for the restoration of deposed judges including Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. He sounded a note of warning that President Zardari, who tried to bury the democracy alive in its infancy, would not be able to escape from its dire consequences. He said while denying restoration of judges Zardari had betrayed the will and blood of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. He said, "It is his firm conviction that if people stand united and join the march, non-democratic forces would not dare to undermine Pakistan". Blasting Zardari's resilience from his promises, he said Asif Zardari had the golden chance to restore his tainted image and atone his past misdeeds by nurturing real democracy, restoring judges, reversing November 2 dictatorial act, repealing 17th amendment and implementing Charter of Democracy. However, he regretted that Zardari did not avail himself the opportunity. "Genuine nature of Zardari, Shahbaz said, was exposed when he dishonoured the signed accords, saying that pacts are not sacred like Quranic verses to follow". He said that International community got baffled on such attitude expressed by President Zardari. "Now no one is ready to deepen ties with Pakistan believing that a country where President can easily break the written pacts and promises, how will he honour the commitments with the world?" he maintained. He condemned the violence at the site of martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto, swearing that what to talk about the involvement of PML-N worker in this satanic act, he believed that it is not the act of any Pakistani even. Former CM Punjab claimed that it was the conspiracy of mischief mongers and termed them "eunuchs". He said, "We knew very well about the cobweb of Zardari. We knew that Dogra rule would be enforced. We knew promises would not be fulfilled"."But we did all what we could do to save the system that was brought back laying down million of sacrifices," he added. He said, "We confess that we made mistakes but said we would not repeat them in future". Those who declared him and Nawaz Sharif ineligible are themselves ineligible, he said and asserted our destination is restoration of judges that would lead towards establishment of true democracy in the context of the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. Paying rich tributes to Hameed Nizami, he said Hameed Nizami was such a person whose pen did not write for flattering others. Shahbaz called Hameed Nizami as genuine critic. "During Pakistan movement, he supported virtues against vices before oppressive rulers. He took the profession of journalism to the pinnacles of glory. He set unique example of 'right and wrong'. Now-a-days, Majid Nizami and Arif Nizami are the custodians of such achievements," he added. "Naw-i-Waqat is Hameed Nizami and Hameed Nizami is Nawa-i-Waqat," Shahbaz held that view. Speaking on the occasion, Qazi Hussain Ahmad paid tributes to Hameed Nizami and his mission being well protected by Majid Nizami and Arif Nizami. He said Gen Musharraf caused irreparable loss to the country. The economy, institutions, foreign policy, judiciary and constitution were undermined through NRO. He imposed a leadership in the country, which created conflict in the country, and Zardari tried to perpetrate the steps taken by the dictator. Virtually a presidential form of government is continuing in the country, he added. By the steps taken by Zardari, the country now stands at the position of pre-poll scenario. He aid the APDM's fears came true for which it boycotted the election 2008. He said the mid term elections would not be different than the result of 2002 in the presence of present judiciary, Zardari and his establishment. He said the J.I. wanted an Islamic, democratic and welfare state through the elections. Qazi Hussain announced to participate in the 'long march' in a big way and said would participate as a common worker. Former SCBA President Aitzaz Ahsan called Hameed Nizami as national asset and said that Majid Nizami and Arif Nizami are the jems of this asset. He said, "I have witnessed the qualities of truth, dauntlessness and courage in the personality of Arif Nizami that were forte of Hameed Nizami". He said Arif Nizami was true custodian of his illustrious father Hameed Nizami. He said Arif Nizami was following in the footsteps of Hameed Nizami in true perspective and he has the same courage, boldness and openness, which were found in Hameed Nizami. He said Arif Nizami was fortunate to have the umbrella of Majid Nizami. He reiterated his resolve to get the judges restored by holding 'long march and sit-in', saying independent judiciary was the dream of Quaid-e-Azam and this dream was about to come true soon. Dr Javed Iqbal said if the democratic system in the country could not succeed, God Forbid, Pakistan may not sustain its existence. He said there was no justification of Governor rule in Punjab. The PML parliamentary party would have been allowed to elect a new leader of the House. He said some people are sabotaging democracy under the garb of democracy. It was obvious that Governor rule was imposed for horse-trading. It was a conspiracy against democracy and the Army may have been astonishing on what the politicians were doing. JUI leader from Balochistan Hafiz Hussain Ahmad said likewise Punjab, Balochistan might face the same. He said PPP had no seats in Balochistan in 1970 but a few months after the elections it had a Government in Balochistan. The PPP offensive is time tested while the offender is new force. He said the fire erupting in Punjab would engulf other provinces and the Federation. The federation has become a centre of disunity instead of unity, he added. After a give and take exercise between some players, the Britain and US would facilitate a dishonoured person to sit on the honourable seat. He said Punjab's tears would sweep them out. He said it was a astonishing fact that impeachment of Musharraf was not done through Parliament. PML-N leader Tahmina Daultana said Hameed Nizami Day reminded us "truth will prevail upon the false." She said Hameed Nizami was man of principles. She said that Majid Nizami and Arif Nazami were torchbearers of his mission. Despite facing hardships during Musharraf rule, Majid Nizami did not succumb to pressure. She lashed out at the policies of PPP President Asif Ali Zardari. She said, "After the formation of the ARD, we believed that PPP may have learnt the lesson. But we were misled, she added. She claimed that had Benazir been alive, situation would have been totally different. She said Benzair kept Zardari at distance in her political engagements and never called Zardari to the PPP meetings and now Zardari has been imposed upon the PPP. "In this critical time, we need unity and this unity could only be brought by PML-N. Four provinces could be united under the PML-N, the biggest party of Pakistan," she added. Daultana warned that PML-N would hold accountable not only Musharraf but also Zardari of their crimes against the nation. He said that people had to stand up and join the 'long march' and sit-in to get Pakistan rid of Zardari, the successor of dictator Musharraf Mujib ur Rehman Shami said Pakistan was facing 1971 situation when the elected Assembly session was not allowed to be held. Hafiz Hussain Ahmad said that PPP has 106 MPAs in Punjab but they are claiming 250 as if the MPAs were giving birth to members. He asked how is the PPP biggest political party in the country? He said now was the time to pay for the mistakes of the past instead of doing new mistakes. He said if Nawaz Sharif could not find anything from Zardari, how could Shujaat would get anything out of him? He pleaded for the unity of PML and strengthening of Punjab to write a new history while he said Governor rule was imposed for horse-trading. He said it is not 1970 and the unscrupulous deviating from their mandate would be doing so at the cost of their heads. The nation is aware of beware of them, he added.