KARACHI - An unjustified decision of milk sellers by increasing the milk prices in the metropolis has ultimately put financial burden on the shoulders of millions of poor Karachiites as now the prices are surged from 48 to 52 rupees per litre on Monday. Before this hike, people were paying Rs48 per litre in most of the areas but when this scribe visited different retail milk outlets, the retailers were selling it at Rs52 per litre. The increase in milk price has added further burden on the consumers who have already lost the buying power of the essential utilities. On Sunday, people experienced a meagre relief when Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) decreased the petroleum prices at around 64 paisa per litre but hardly after 24 hours Karachiites are going to bear Rs4 increase in the prices of milk. Last year when Dairy Farmers Association increased the milk price to rupees 44 per litre, the Division Bench of Sindh High Court (SHC) issued the directives to fix it at rupees 37 per litre. The bench had also issued orders to all the officials concerned to intervene into the matter and redress the problems of the citizens. The poor consumers at that time applauded the High Court orders as a silver lining to address their issues. Talking to The Nation, the consumers at different outlets registered their anger by saying that there seemed to be no price regulation policy of the government and these milk sellers were working in a rogue way to do whatever they want. One consumer living at Bahadurabad told that these milk shop owners have made it a tradition of increasing the milk prices as last year they increased the price by Rs4 per litre and this time again they increased it from 48 to 52 rupees per litre. He denounced the government that it felt that management seemed to be totally indifferent with the sufferings of the poor citizens. Another consumer said that in previous years, city district government had initiated a campaign which although not proved very much successful but it lasted an impact on both the sellers and the buyers that there was someone who looked after the matter of the citizens. He said that the milk sellers who were not selling milk at official prices were sent to jail and some of them were fined. Again we need a think-out strategy which aimed at eradicating this type of unbridled hike in daily household commodities. When this scribe contacted the representatives of Dairy Farmers Association, they said: We have repeatedly requested the provincial and City governments to review the prices but they didnt took any measure in this connection. In this high time of inflation when the prices of all the essential items have already surged, this recent increase in milk prices will add more to the miseries of the masses who become a soft target for the government to impose high taxes as well as of businessmen who get handsome profits from millions of poor.