SWAT At least five militants including prominent Taliban commander for Buner Maulana Alam alias Commander Khalil and commander Shamsul Haq were killed as a result of armed clashes with security forces in Madyan area of the valley on Monday. Sources said that the head money of the alleged commanders announced by the government was Rs 10 million. Commander Alam alias Khalil was one of the active commanders and a close associate of Maulana Fazlulah. He also served as the chief of Buner Taliban after Taliban entry into Buner. Before joining Tahrik Taliban, Maulana Alam remained as primary school teacher in district Shangla where he was also mosque imam in Leloni village. In past he used to deliver firebrand speeches to attract the people and several times he pronounced that slaughtering and killing of government employees was legal in Islam. Another prominent Taliban commnader Shamsul Haq alias Shinko Mullah was also one of the active members of the Taliban Shura in Swat. He belonged to one of the strongholds of Taliban, tehsil Matta, few kilometers away from the house of Afzal Khan Lala. Maulana Shmasul Haq has served as judge in Taliban Judiciary. Among others killed militants included commander Sher Zaman, Abdullah and Mohammad. The people of Swat are jubilatant over these killings.