The AJK Supreme Court has dissolved the AJK Public Services Commission (PSC) after long proceedings. The appointment of the chairman and members of the commission is very crucial for the establishment now. Merit, transparency, competency and credibility must be maintained in the selection of this commission. Only then will this commission be able to maintain meritocracy in the recruitment of various jobs which are made through it.

The dissolution has already taken up a lot of time. The new commission has to conduct competitive examination advertised by the previous commission. The candidates have been waiting for years for their examinations, especially for the post of assistant commissioner and section officers. They are confused by the long delay. Under these conditions they cannot prepare nor can they take up another job. The appointment process must be speedy so that the work in limbo can be carried out.

There are many vacancies in different departments such as health, education and general administration which need to be filled. The youth is already disappointed due to unemployment. Any political appointment will add fuel to the fire of their frustration and also remove their trust in the establishment. The educated youth in AJK has  reservations on federal establishment due to its extreme interference especially in executive posts such as AC and SO.

The upcoming commission’s first and foremost duty should be to conduct examination for the posts of AC and SO. These must be conducted under strict vigilance. If the commission is unable to do it, it may hire the services of Federal Public Service Commission for the competitive examination. The criteria for the selection of the chairman and members must be followed as adopted in FPSC and PPSC, KPPSC. I, along with hundreds of candidates, would like to humbly request the Federal Secretary and other concerned who are involved in the selection of the commission to follow the profiles of the chairmen and members of other PSCs of the country.


Lahore, February 25.