Growers advised to harvest berries

2014-03-02T01:35:24+05:00 APP

MULTAN : -Agriculture experts have advised orchard owners in Punjab to harvest berries in March when the fruit turns golden yellow or green yellow in case of ‘Gola’ variety of berries. In a release issued by the media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, experts also issued packing guidelines urging growers to pack the fruit in hard paper boxes after washing it with 0.05 percent solution of potassium per manganate to save it from fungi and ensure its transportation to far-off markets in a better shape.

Premature harvest when fruit is unripe or late harvest must be avoided. Harvest at a suitable time improves the shelf life of the fruit. Overripe fruit loses crispness, however, it can be used as dry fruit, they added.

Berries should be harvested by using clippers or by hand.

Harvest by hand is more suitable to get the fruit with its pedicel that improves its shelf life.

Berries can be stored for a period of four to fifteen days after the harvest, the release concluded.

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