A Yahoo feature entitled ‘Pakistan terror wave sparks rare criticism of Saudi Arabia’ has started an interesting debate in its comments section. It points out the not so clean role of Saudi Arabia, in the wave of terrorism, that has been bedevilling the Muslim world for the last one decade and has resulted in killing millions of innocent Muslim. Most of the commenter’s have criticised the Saudi monarchy, trailing some 25,000 princes for the misuse of its easy petro-money to destabilise, through financing of terrorism in the Muslim, world to help its western friends to maintain their hegemony in those countries.

Now these princes have come under heavy censure for their luxurious way of living bordering on debauchery. One comment is really worth mentioning in its totality for the benefit of our own society and which goes like this: Religion is a human spiritual necessity but it is an idea after all, which cannot be objectively verified.” Europe came to this conclusion five hundred years ago and effected reformation of Christianity, sweeping out extremism. That action liberated the Europe which then progressed towards scientific revolution, culminating into all the modern inventions for human good.

The Muslims too need reformation and getting out of extremism on similar lines, otherwise they will kill one another endlessly to ultimately complete annihilation of their race. Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam and should take the lead in this essential matter, instead of promoting ignorance and massacres. I think that we should all cool-mindedly consider what the world is saying about us and try to get out of our medieval mindset.


Multan, February 22.