Reference to PM’s statement on Baldia Town massacre, published in your esteemed paper amazed and astonished me. How can a state, its government and its institutions, funded by tax-payer’s money, justify their existence if 289 citizens are burned alive, allegedly by criminals involved in extortion and no criminal investigations and prosecutions are carried out, just because of politics of reconciliation, where crime becomes an issue of political compromises, instead of criminals being punished? It was in 2013 that a JIT, comprising law-enforcement, security and intelligence agencies, during course of another investigation we came to know that Baldia Town massacre was a crime and not an accidental fire and yet nothing has happened.

There is no statute of limitations on crimes of murder or suspected genocide, for this gruesome monstrosity is not less than what was committed by Hutus in Africa. How can we allow this savage brutality to extract political concessions and to blackmail those involved, instead of punishing them? If we believe in the Quran and Day of Judgment, than can somebody explain this hypocrisy is being openly practiced? Why is human life so expendable in Pakistan?

Pakistan was created so that life and property of its citizens could be protected by the state. All state institutions were created to serve the people and not vice versa. How can state, with all its power and authority, expect businessmen and traders to come forward and give evidence against those who demand extortion, when state itself is hesitant to perform its constitutional obligation?


Lahore, February 15.