Moin Khan’s casino controversy added insult to injury. It came at a time when our team is already being ridiculed for continuous losses. Pakistan cricket team’s chief selector does not realise that his irresponsible attitude has damaged not only the team but our country’ reputation. We are already under the shadow of the match fixing scandal in UK. Although PCB chairman, Shaharyar Ahmed Khan, has asked Moin to come back and give an explanation, he himself should explain why Moin was sent with the team in the first place. Being a chief selector, his work was done when the 30-man squad was announced. Nevertheless Moin was sent on our expense.

What was most shocking was that Moin lied, when asked to give a reason for his visit to the casino, he said he went to check on the players, but later he changed his statement, saying that he was there for the dinner. However, he did not realise that he was pictured with chips worth $10,000 to $15,000 in front of him and he was sitting at a gambling table. The point is, Moin Khan is not the only an irresponsible person but he also has no moral value as far as this incident is concerned. This debacle brings the Roman poet, Juvenal’s question to mind who said ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?’ Translation; ‘Who will guard the guards?’


Karachi, February 25.