New Delhi- Just hours after making a controversial comment on the Khans of Bollywood, BJP MP Sadhvi Prachi again kicked up a controversy after she called Vladimir Putin a Hindu. Sadhvi said Putin's original name is Vaarahmihir Putr Singh.

Earlier on Sunday, Prachi said that Hindus should boycott movies made by or starring any of the three Khans of Bollywood and has asked right-wing Hindu outfits to tear posters of their films and make a bonfire of them. "Why do they always find a Hindu girl for themselves? We must boycott the Khans", said Sadhvi.

"To encourage love jihad,under a conspiracy the Khans have married Hindu women - Maliaka Arora, Gauri, Kiran Rao", ANI quoted Prachi as saying.

Not just that, Sadhvi Prachi, echoing RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, targeted Mother Teresa and said that Mother Teresa used to convert lower caste Hindus to Christianity. She said there should be a law on conversion.

While targeting Rahul Gandhi, Prachi said that he should get married as soon as possible because his mother and sister are worried. She also added that it would be better if the girl is Indian.

Prachi made the statement at a VHP event in Dehradun and reiterated BJP MP Sakshi Mahraj's statement that Hindus must have more than four children.

Courtesy India Today