There was a different feel in the air driving around Lahore yesterday. The city was clean and dust free due to the gentle rain throughout the day. The breeze made it slightly chilly reminding us of the wintery evenings we thought had ended. On entering a coffee shop I was congratulated by a complete stranger. It took me a second to understand why he was congratulating me until I realised I was wearing the Pakistan World Cup jersey. With a slight delay, I laughed and congratulated the man as well on our first victory of the tournament. Excited with my random encounter I turned around and saw all the employees of the coffee shop also wearing the same jersey. We all paused, smiled at each other and carried on with our tasks at hand. Walking to my table, it hit me how deprived our nation is of pure happiness. Something to cheer them up. We talk about how cricket brings everyone together and I experienced it first hand. It was a match against a much weaker team but it was a must win match for us. Even though there were moments during the match when it felt like our World Cup campaign was over, we came out as winners. We still have a long way to go in the tournament but let's not talk about that for the time being. Let's enjoy this moment. The calmness and sheer joy in everyone's eyes. Let's take it all in and hope we have more of these days in the coming weeks. I would like to believe our World Cup campaign started yesterday. Let's forget what has happened and believe again.

–Shaan Tahir