General Raheel has done a great service to the country by not seeking extension to his service. From this act, emerges and spreads across the country a message to be emulated not only by his predecessors but by civilians hierarchy as well.

The general desired the heads of all institutions, organizations and departments- executive, administrative, political, legal and holder of key to the national kitty to be strengthened. The unnecessary media debate about chief’s retention in service is bound to fade away. Moreover, the politicians are to be blamed for introducing this evil practice of granting extension to favorite officers.

The former prime minister Mr. ZA Bhutto, if my memory recalls correctly, once extended service of civil servant by giving unpleasant remarks on the file of person seeking extension, “ Let him die on the chair.” Politicians used this double edged weapon of binding a civil / military head to the chair for their own gains as well as to defame him when time changes.

An additional secretary of national assembly was given extension for the fourth time in 2007 by the then finance committee of National Assembly. However, General Raheel exposed everyone who matters in this scheme of things by stating that everyone was bound to bow before the Constitution.


Islamabad, January 26.