ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani has declared women protection law against Islamic Sharia.

During a meeting of the CII in Islamabad on Wednesday, Maulana Sherani said there was no need to legislate a law for women’s protection when they already had all rights secured under Sharia laws according to the Quran and Sunnah.

Apart from today’s agenda, the women protection bill that was recently passed in the Punjab Assembly was also discussed during the meeting.

Members of the council stated that this bill is against the Constitution and two-nation theory.

CII will present its recommendations after reviewing the issue in detail in the next session. Sources told that the council has also decided to seek copy of the bill from Punjab Assembly.

The Punjab Assembly gave unprecedented protection to female victims of violence, in a bid to stem a rising tide of gender-related abuse in a country ranked as the world‘s third most dangerous place for women.

The new law criminalizes all forms of violence against women, whether domestic, psychological or sexual, and calls for the creation of a toll-free abuse reporting hot line and the establishment of shelters.

Earlier, speaking to journalists in Shikarpur, he had said that he could not comment on the women’s protection bill passed by the Punjab Assembly before reading it. However, he termed it a violation of Islamic laws and said it could not be accepted.

He said assemblies must consult the CII before enacting such legislations. “The CII is a constitutional body, therefore, every bill should be brought to parliament in the light of its recommendations.”

But the present government avoided doing so in violation of the provisions of the Constitution. He recalled that the government of General Ziaul Haq adhered to the recommendations of CII.