ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan has declined the request of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf to have access to its server.

The ECP in its reply submitted in the Supreme Court on Tuesday said that being a constitutional body, it was not bound under any law to allow access to the system.

PTI Chief Election Commissioner Tasneem Noornai had filed a petition in the apex court seeking access to the ECP main server to verify its member’s details before the intra-party elections.

The ECP contended that tempering or changing in the record could be made if access to the voters’ list was allowed, adding it could also affect the transparent elections process as well. “Allowing access to its main server is tantamount to interference in its work,” the ECP submitted.

The constitutional body pleaded the court to dismiss the application of PTI seeking access to the voters’ list for not being maintainable. The ECP, however, contended that whatever details the PTI needs can get through mobile while sending text message at 8300.

In its petition, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf had sought access to the ECP’s server as it had pleaded that the party’s experience of registering their voters by filling out cards had been unpleasant.

It had contended that prospective candidates have, at times, taken data from information available on hard copies of the ECP’s electoral lists and faked their membership details.

PTI has decided to register their voters via cell phones on the basis of ‘One phone one vote’, and asks them to submit their names and CNIC numbers, the petition had further contended.

It had claimed that the law does not prohibit the ECP to allow access to its servers for verifying voters’ details. The party says it is not asking for data that is classified or sensitive.

The PTI had requested the court to direct the ECP to help the party so that its efforts to hold credible intra-party elections will not go in vain.