Islamabad - A group show exhibiting the art inspired by poetic reference and life’s experiences of four female artists started here yesterday at Nomad Art Gallery (NAG).

The event titled ‘Rafaqaton ke naye khwab khushnuma hain magar, Guzar chuka hai teray aitbaar ka mausam’ (Parveen Shakir) will feature the art by artists including Anjum Ayub, Farrah Mahmood, Samreen Asif and Tayyaba Aziz.

Commenting on this show, founder, director and social activist, Nageen Hayat said, “A work of art is rarely the end product of an artist thinking or reflection. It is, in fact, an intermediary state, a never ending phase of a narrative leading to discovering the inner self. Once that is released, it is for the viewer to enter the realm. This exhibition (March 1 - 6) also leads to, and is a powerful curtain-raiser to the upcoming International Women’s Day exhibition on March 7 (Nomad),” Nageen informed.

Describing her work, Farrah Mahmood said, “My work deals with a range of social and political issues. My recent work is about the ongoing situation of Pakistan. So as a nation we have to be strong and face the challenges of war against terrorism.”

“Paywasta reh shajjar say umeed e bahar rakh is the message for the nation. So the emphasis is on Peace and Humanity and I strongly believe in the ‘silver lining,” she stated.

Tayyaba Aziz said, “I describe myself as a cubo expressionist, oil on canvas. My paintings based on one of my favorites poetess Parveen Shakir. Sometimes events from the past have a mind of their own. Memories keep coming back when all we want is for them to disappear. Once we untangle our thoughts and feelings about the past, than we move forward and live in freedom,” she added.

For Samreen Asif, her subject matter presents her grandeur of thought depicting women with eternal hope of freedom and liberty replete with dramatic colors and romantic atmosphere.

Virtually this portrayal breeds elevated feelings of love and care which women need to strengthen and empower their spirits. A thought, that makes me to be inspired from Parveen Shakir’s poetry, an indicator of hope, love, emotions, distress, courage and inner strength, she told.

She further said, “This is my another attempt to dig out the hidden portions of Parveen Shakir’s struggle for women expression of feelings. I have already portrayed few verses of Parveen Shakir some years ago from the same platform of Nomad. A platform that always encourage the women’s struggle for their rights, as well as a source of hope for the elements of underprivileged society.”

“Being a female painter reflects my life so my work tends to reflect a contemplation of life through a lens that has been sharpened by maturity, motherhood and lengthy relationships with myself and others, the fourth artist of the show,” Anjum Ayub stated. Happiness is actually my work. The works of art I create are the by-product of my consistent devotion to the act of focusing on the wonderful bounty all around me, she maintained. The exhibition will remain open until Sunday March 6.