I am feeling proud to say that our current ruling government is serious to take actions in combating pressing health and specifically malnutrition issues. It is much appreciating that Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, speaker National Assembly of Islamic republic of Pakistan is taking productive and serious actions with respect to combating malnutrition. It is noteworthy that the malnutrition secretariat has inaugurated by our honorable speaker, National Assembly and relevant to this National task force established at the federal level. Similarly, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) task forces established at the provincial assemblies in all provinces.

We are very much confident that Legislative legal bodies of Islamic Republic of Pakistan will surly take actions in establishing regulatory and monitoring mechanisms regarding tracking progress against malnutrition which always remained a huge challenge at the implementation level.

It will surely be beacon of light for vulnerable and marginalized children and women who are victim of malnutrition, if an autonomous and empowered National Commission on Malnutrition of ‘Mother and Child’ may be happen to establish. Media play very much important role regarding increasing awareness of citizens, thereby, as Speaker, NA recommended that, it may be another encouraging and productive initiative if media invest 10% of airtime to create awareness and generate citizens demands on nutrition through public advocacy campaigns in Pakistan.

Last but not the least, we trust that something is happening good in combating this greave challenge of malnutrition after getting the statement of Speaker of National Assembly of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We are thankful to you Mr. Speaker, NA.


Rajanpur, February 26.