LAHORE - The Lahore Transport Company yesterday announced reduction in fare at intra-city routes following decrease in fuel prices.

According to the notification issued by the LTC, the minimum fare at first stage (0 to 4 km) of non-AC diesel buses/ mini buses would be Rs9 and up to sixth stage (30.1 and above km) Rs28 will be charged from passengers.

Whereas at intra city wagons/ mini buses plying on petrol the minimum fare at first stage (0 to 4 km) would be Rs11 and up to sixth stage (30.1 km and above) Rs26 will be charged from commuters. The intra city overall reduction in public transport fares is six percent on non–AC diesel run buses while 11 to 12 percent reduction is made on petrol run wagons/mini buses.

The LTC’s enforcement department will proceed against those public service vehicles if found in overcharging of transport fare. People can register their complaints of overcharging of public transport fare on the LTC helpline number (042-111-582-111) as well as on mobile complaint number (0331-4440-582). The recent curtailment in transport fares will give relief to the people and LTC will carry on its mission to provide efficient and safe transport facilities to the general public, said the company spokesperson.

Meanwhile, the shortage of petrol hit the city’s filling stations throughout the day. Petrol was not available around 50 per cent filling stations. The motorists found great difficulty and rushed from one place to another to get fuel for their vehicles. Long queues of motorcycles and cars were seen at the filling stations where petrol was available. The owners of some filling stations sold fuel at old rates taking benefit of the situation.

Petroleum Dealers Association said the some filling stations faced shortage due to panic buying from motorists however the situation would turn normal till today.