“All efforts were being made to recover Shahbaz Taseer

and Ali Haider Gilani.”

–Punjab Home Minister, Colonel (retd) Shuja Khanzada, Feb 20, 2015.

Salmaan Taseer’s murder is not the only causality in the struggle against religious extremism. Apart from the countless politicians, officials and law enforcement agency officials who have lost their lives, militants have targeted family members of high-profile government members too – which makes the attacks even more commendable since neither had any connection with activity against them.

It has been three years since Ali Haider Gilani, son of then Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has been kidnapped. It has been a daunting five years since Shahbaz Taseer was snatched, and the government is nowhere close to securing their return. The last definitive statement, given by the now slain Home Minister, Shuja Khanzada, is that both are being held in Afghanistan.

On this day, the government and the civil society must remember that Mumtaz Qadri saga is not over, it has left behind a legacy that the government must cater too.