Islamabad - Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) has sought budget of Rs 6.9 billion for the development projects of two major hospitals of the city, an official said on Wednesday.

According to information available with The Nation, Rs 3.112 billion have been sought for Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Rs 3.797 billion have been requested for the projects of Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital (FGPH).

Funds sought for PIMS will cover nine different projects while amount for Polyclinic hospital has been demanded for 10 projects.

As per further details, Rs 2 billion has been sought for the extension of FGPH.

The funds have been sought under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) of 2017-2018.

Details said that Rs 890 million were sought for the extension of Cardiac centre PIMS, and Rs 21 million for Haematology Disorder centre and Rs 50 million for construction of Neuro Science Centre.

More, Rs 19 million have been asked for the up gradation of non-radiation diagnostic centre and Rs 16 million for the replacement of Bed Elevator equipment.

The project of Haematology Disorder Centre was approved by CDWP in the month of June last year.

However, construction project of Neuro Science has not been approved yet.

Similarly for the construction of hostel for lady doctors Rs 214 million has been sought but this project has been also not approved yet.

Meanwhile, for FGPH maternal child health care centre, Rs 35 million has been demanded from government.

For the third hospital, Federal Medical and Dental College of the city Rs 100 million have been sought by ministry of CADD.

In this regard the ministry has requested RS 54 million for the construction and renovation doctors’ hostel. PIMS the largest hospital of the region receives around 10,000 patients daily, while FGPC which was only built for government servants is also facing around 4000 number of patients daily.

Official at CADD said, last year, CADD had announced to double the capacity of departments at PIMS while extension of polyclinic was also announced.

The amount has been requested viewing the need of hospitals in current situation and to control patients’ influx, he said.

Patients visiting both hospitals have number of times complained regarding non-availability of facilities in both large hospitals of the city.