A nation state cannot exist if it allows its judiciary, colleges and universities to be destroyed through manipulation and greed of corrupt bureaucracy and the political elite. In US, an American national of Pakistani origin, who was an executive in Axact, has been arrested and is facing a sentence for over 20 years’ imprisonment without parole for facilitating awards of fake degrees to citizens of that country, fraud and corrupt practices. 

Without investment in human resources through strict state regulatory controls on quality of education and authenticity of qualified professional specialists in science, technology, medicine, economics and liberal arts, a nation cannot attain economic development, nor technological self-reliance. The manner in which medical, engineering, IT and business schools have been allowed to mushroom without thorough scrutiny of their capability in terms of infrastructure and expertise, amounts to conspiring against the state. 

In Sindh, a politically powerful medical doctor accused of facilitating establishment of numerous medical colleges involved in mass production of substandard doctors has managed to evade punishment for what amounts to intellectual terrorism. The corrupt political and bureaucratic elite of this country, who seek medical treatment abroad on state or ill-gotten black money, have no qualms, nor issues, with their conscience, when they are seen seeking reprieve for such intellectual terrorists. 

Has anybody imagined how many innocent citizens are being treated by doctors from substandard colleges, have lost their lives or suffered permanent disabilities? Such criminals deserve prolonged punishments to serve as deterrence for others. My question to elected executive, law enforcement and judiciary of this unfortunate country is, can this doctor manage to evade prosecution in Canada for this heinous crime that he is being accused to have committed? Corrupt practices for monetary gains, which may lead to loss of human lives, amounts to culpable homicide and is not a petty matter. 


Sukkur, February 16.