Former president of Pakistan General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf has disclosed that he had received millions of US dollars from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to purchase offshore property. This news certainly would be shocking and awful for PTI’s chairman Imran Khan, as he supported heartily the controversial referendum on May 1, 2002 which awarded Pervaiz Musharaf five years of presidency. He also used to praise occasionally that Mushraf’s regime is better than Nawaz Sharif’s government. The opponents of Mr Khan say that General (Retd) Shuja Pasha had launched him in active politics to weaken the Sharif regime. Furthermore, hidden forces had organised PTI’s 126 day’s sit-in at Islamabad to undermine and destabilise the ongoing and unripe democratic process in Pakistan. In PTI’s circles, well-known Javed Hashmi has revealed this many times in media.

Currently, Khan Sahib has been fully focusing on Panama issue in which the Sharif family is under trial in Supreme Court due to holding offshore companies. However, Imran Khan admitted that he also had an offshore company registered to his name. We heard during the hearing of Panama case that the prince of Qatar and the royal family of Saudi Arabia provided assistance to the Sharif family through gifts and sharing their business. This is disastrous, that rulers, politicians and military dictators plundered the nation in the name of religion, true democracy, enlightened moderation and the dream of ‘Naya Pakistan’. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s claims of peace, prosperity and speedy development in his present government stand unfulfilled. I request him to break the barriers of status quo immediately, if he wants to see himself as a real leader of the nation.


Faisalabad, February 16.