Islamabad - Federal Government Polyclinic (FGPC) hospital has provided medical treatment to 5.93 million patients during last two years. According to an official of the hospital, 2.9 million patients received medical treatment in 2014-15 while 3.03 million patients received treatment during 2015-16.

He said the number of out-patients in morning was 0.96 million, out-patients in evening were 0.125 million while emergency services received 0.233 million patients. Similarly, he added, dispensaries and centres OPDs received 0.472 million while vaccination and immunization services received 33,917 patients.

He said blood bank services had served 89,132 patients, radiology services 0.109 million, pathology services 0.84 million, indoor services (admission) 32,282 patients and 8,262 surgeries were also performed during the period.

He said the patients provided treatment during the year 2015-16 included out-patients in morning at the hospital were 1.012 million, out-patients in evening 0.128 million, emergency services 0.257 million, dispensaries and centres OPDs 0.432 million and vaccination and immunization services 25,735 patients. He said radiology services had supported 0.139 million,

Pathology services 0.88 million, indoor services (admission) 26,503 patients and 5,343 surgeries were also performed during the period.